French Navy

Become a reflection of the values of the French Navy.

Since 1626, the French Navy has been criss-crossing the seas of the globe. Today, its brand celebrates this exceptional heritage through collections that reflect its unique identity. Dress in the colours of adventure and commitment. Our clothing and accessories are directly inspired by the rich maritime, military and cultural heritage of the Navy. Share the pride of being part of this history. Every purchase helps to support the personnel involved and to promote French know-how.
Immerse yourself in the world that suits you. Surface forces, submarines, naval aviation or fusiliers-marins, our product lines celebrate all corps.
Let yourself be transported by the legendary music of the Bagad or seduced by the youth collection of the Ecole des Mousses.

Join the French Navy community by acquiring items that are as unique as they are timeless. Proud of its values of quality, patriotism and environmental commitment.


Naval aeronautical bomber - navy "102518"

189,00 €